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Past Incidents

12th June 2022

Unplanned Incident - Mains Outage - Henry Watson Road

Lightwire has been made aware of a complete loss of power to a sector of our Henry watson road site. Customers with connections to this sector of the power will have complete loss of service until Lightwire technicians are able to configure a replacement and visit the site to replace the affected hardware. We currently don't have an ETR on this but will release updates as progress is made.

Please feel free to reach out on 0800 121 314 if you have any queries regarding this.

11th June 2022

No incidents reported

10th June 2022

No incidents reported

9th June 2022

No incidents reported

8th June 2022

No incidents reported

7th June 2022

Unplanned Incident

Latest update:

There was an event in Hamilton's network relating to a fibre incident which cause a minute or so service disruption to Hamilton services and Networks and some National services.

An incident report will be produced.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this incident may have caused.


[2022-06-07 12:21:13 NZST] Lightwire Engineers are investigating a potential issue affecting Lightwire services. We don't have much detail just yet sorry, but senior engineers are looking into it with urgency and we will provide more information as soon as possible.

6th June 2022

No incidents reported