25th May 2022

Unplanned Outage - Risk of Service disruption

Latest update:

Lightwire Engineers have restored the site to a functional level within this region earlier today. To ensure the site does not repeat the same fault it is pending equipment replacement. There is a possible risk of loss of service for the region until the affected equipment has been replaced.

The site is being monitored by the Lightwire engineering team for any further outages so we can minimise further downtime in the event of any further loss of service.
We will provide updates on progress as we go. If you have any queries feel free to reach out on 0800 121 314 or via email at support@lightwire.co.nz


[2022-05-25 17:39:54 NZST] Lightwire Engineers are investigating a potential issue affecting Lightwire services. We don't have much detail just yet sorry, but senior engineers are looking into it with urgency and we will provide more information as soon as possible.