6th April 2022

Outage - Hillside Hotel

Latest update:

A power outage in the area had been posted by the local power company. This has now been resolved and the Lightwire site is back online.

Lightwire technicians will be attending the site in the morning to investigate further, as battery backup should have kept the site running during the power outage.

We apologise for the disruption to your service.


[2022-04-06 21:20:17 NZST] Lightwire Engineers are currently investigating a possible fault at our Hill transmission site causing an outage to those connections. We will be working hard to get you back online as soon as we can! Other sites connected to the Hill transmission site may also be experiencing degradation of service while connections use back up pathways as well. Please feel free to contact us on 0800 12 13 14 if you have any queries.