28th September 2021

Unplanned Incident

The hardware that had an issue last night, was rebooted last night and seemed stable, but unfortunately it faulted again this morning around 7:40 this morning. Last night we had worked out a DR plan if this happened again which we invoked and had the majority of services back online within 7 minutes. We have since visited the hardware and migrated physically as many fibers as possible off the failing line card.Unfortunately at the same time a second fault occurred at another site that appears unrelated, but due to the first issue being ongoing it took longer to resolve than usual. This second issue effected a small number of WAN's that used the Lightwire Central FortiGate firewall platform.We will continue to work with the Vendor to resolve the issue permanently and a have spare card on standby if required.Again, we apologies for inconveniences these issues have caused.