24th May 2018

NZ voice call routing issues

RESOLUTION: 09:56 NZST: The NZ call routing issues have been resolved. A technical analysis is ongoing and an incident report will be available within the coming days. We sincerely apologise for the disruption this issue has caused and are working to ensure this type of issue can be minimised or avoided in the future.

UPDATE 09:20 NZST: Lightwire has re-routed outbound calls away from the upstream carrier that is having issues, which should resolve most outbound calling. Inbound calling is still impacted by the upstream carrier and they are working on the issue at top priority.


Lightwire is aware of an issue with NZ call routing which has occurred overnight and may be affecting the ability to place and receive NZ calls for some customers.

This currently appears to be an issue with call routing upstream of Lightwire and we are working with upstream carriers to determine where the issue is and are working towards a resolution with them as quickly as possible.