16th November 2020

Periodic internet stability

All affected fibre paths related to this incident have now been restored by field crews. While we were able to fully mitigate customer impact as of 2pm Monday (NZT), field crews have been at work restoring the primary fibre path between Auckland and Hamilton since then, and the primary path is now fully operational as of 8:15pm Tuesday (NZT). A complete incident report will be distributed in the coming days.While we do have resilient high-capacity paths between Hamilton and Auckland, this event highlighted that the higher latency on the diverse path is not suitable to many customers latency sensitive applications. We have plans in flight now to establish a second low-latency, high-capacity diverse path between Hamilton and Auckland to mitigate future impact to customers during any similar dig-faults in the future.Please note that some customers may not have received previous email notifications about this event due to an unrelated systems issue. We apologise for the inconvenience and have fully resolved the email notifications issue. Other notification channels such as updates in the Illume customer portal, Twitter (@LightwireAlerts), and our Network Status Page have all been updating as per normal throughout.